Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lynn's Calendar Repurpose Project

This weekend was the most productive I have had in a good while. I completed two repurpose projects. One is an old, wooden window sash which I will post about later. The other is the calendar repurpose I spoke of in the last Good Garbage Gab. I had a stained glass window calendar given to me as a birthday gift last year. It is so pretty, I just had to find a use for it and I needed some art work for my living room, so I put the pictures of that calendar to good use.

Looking around I realized everything I have hanging or sitting is square or rectangle, I needed something different. It hit me... I had a box of old scratched records someone gave me a long time ago, and I also had a bunch of those OLD AOL "1099 Hours Free" CD's sent out when you had to pay hourly for dial-up internet. I put some of both of these items to great use in this project.

I cut circles out of the calendar trying to use every bit I could that had the beautiful stained glass pictures on it. I decided on four big ones and was able to get 20 small ones. Using Mod-Podge, I glued them on the old records and CD's.

With this many, I knew exactly where they were going to go. My couch sits on a wall that used to be a flue for a fireplace and there was big empty spaces on either side. I just knew these would work wonderfully to fill in those spots.

Here's a close up of each grouping and then an overall picture... I LOVE IT!!!! New pretty artwork for me and pictures from a calendar that I love, preserved.

Did you work on a calendar reuse project this weekend? Or any other repurpose project? We'd really like to hear about it! Email us pictures and we will feature your's in an upcoming Good Garbage Gab!



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    1. Thanks Julee. I absolutely love the look it gives the living room. Now on to the kitchen... :)