Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Good morning Gab followers!!! I have so many exciting reuse and repurpose projects for the upcoming year... But I thought I would give you a break today. As much as I love crafting, I said Good Garbage Gab would be about finding ways to repurpose all sorts of things. 

Today's topic? Dryer Sheets! Do you know how many ways you can reuse a dryer sheet before you decide to toss it? Well, there are LOTS!!!! Some I've used, some I haven't, but can't wait to try. 

  • Keep some used dryer sheets in a container in your car for wiping the dashboard. Place one under the driver side seat to give it a fresh smell. 
  • Use them for cleaning bug splats from your windshield. Just wet one or more softener sheets and wipe over splats. Wait a couple minutes, wipe again and then flush with water. 
  • Place a used dryer sheet near the trashcan at your next barbecue or picnic; it will repel bees and flies. Also, wipe one over your arms and legs to repel mosquitoes. I've even heard of golfers keeping on in their back pocket to keep the bees away. 
  • Soften the soles of your feet by soaking your feet in some warm water and rubbing them with a used fabric softener sheet.
  • Place them in the rafters of your home to keep spiders and other bugs from nesting.
  • They're great for removing stuck on foods from your pots and pans. Fill the grimy pan with water and drop the sheet inside. - - Let soak for about an hour and wash as usual.
  • Use old dryer sheets to easily wipe up messes like talcum powder and flour.
  • Use old dryer sheets in the bottom of flowerpots to cover the drainage holes.
  • Use them instead of paper when doing 'paper piecing' for quilts. First ironed them smooth, then trace your pattern onto the dryer sheets. They’re lightweight, don't add bulk to your quilt & they smell great.
  • Use them to remove pet hair from your clothes and furniture.
  • Use them to remove soap scum on your glass shower door, or use to wipe windows when cleaning.
  • Used dryer sheets make great dusting cloths for your wooden furniture.
  • Use just like you would a Swiffer sheet on your floors to pick up dust and pet hair.
  • I have used them as the interfacing when using my small embroidery/sewing machine.
  • Use as stuffing for small sewing projects like felt ornaments.
Grab an old Kleenex box or the like and start collecting those used dryer sheets. Let us know if you have other ways you might reuse those dryer sheets!

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