Thursday, January 3, 2013


Art Journal
 Hope I caught you in time! Don't throw away those old calendars!!! There are so many things you can do with them once they have served their purpose on your desk or wall. They can become bookmarks, wrapping paper, coasters, art journals, puzzles for a rainy day and you could even print out new dates and use them to cover the old ones, saving the beautiful pictures to admire again during 2013. 

The that one that kept me organized during 2012, hung in my kitchen and was a gift for my birthday last year. It celebrated the wonderful stained glass in homes around the beautiful neighborhood I had just moved to, Old Louisville. The colors on it are gorgeous! The pictures fabulous and the stories are wonderful...I just can't throw it away!!! (Well I couldn't even if it was ugly, but that is beside the point.)  I love this calendar so much I plan to cut pieces out and actually mod-podge them to either small canvases or tiles or some other medium and group them together on my wall in the hallway, or the kitchen, of my little apartment. Instant artwork! I can't wait to get started on them. I will post pictures hopefully in a couple weeks to show you another great repurpose idea. 

For more ideas be sure to check out our Pinterest page, Calendar Reuse Pinterest Page.  If you use any of these ideas or come up with new ones, we really, REALLY want you to email us a picture of how you reused your calendar! I love seeing all the creative things being done out there and I know there are LOTS of creative people following us... so SHOW ME THE MONEY! Ummm I mean SHOW ME THE ART!!!!

And if you just aren't feeling crafty... Good Garbage is always willing to take them for you and they will someday become something wonderful again instead of sitting in the landfill wasting away. 

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