Saturday, February 2, 2013

The PosSOUPbility Experience

What on Earth is posSOUPbility?
PosSOUPbility is an easy and fun way to bring our community together over food to support new and emerging projects that create innovative ways to celebrate, and/or benefit people, places and things in the Louisville area.  Applicants and projects can be based in a variety of fields and disciplines - the only requirement is creativity!

Somewhere along the way of building Good Garbage, I came across this wonderful group. I wanted to be part of it, not just as a presenter, but to go listen to all the new innovative happenings around this town I love! 

Anne had spoken with Nick Covault, one of the wonderful people behind the event and he really was excited about Good Garbage and our vision and encouraged us to apply. And we did. Since we are currently still completing the piles of paperwork to become a non-profit, and building our followers, we thought this would be a great way to one, get our word out to like minded folks, and maybe even possibly get enough money to buy a used trailer so we could start a mobile popup shop and give us something to pick up large donations with.

Compassionate Louisville
The application process was simple. Once they receive the applications, they are looked at by a blind panel and three are chosen to present at the event. This was their year anniversary celebration and word is getting out. They had a record six applications. We were one of the lucky ones chosen to present, along side Educational Justice and Compassionate Louisville Trackers at First Unitarian Church on Sunday, January 27.

Anne and I worked long and hard on our presentation. We practiced and edited and practiced again. We had a lot of fun with sharing our vision while sharing a few laughs with our audience, and from the video, +Rhoden Streeter,  did for us (and we will share once it's edited properly), and the grand response we received afterwards, it seems we did exactly what we set out to do. 

They had a record crowd and amount of money to give away. They collected $1490, which at $10 per person, means there were 149 paying supporters. WOW 149 people paid to eat some fabulous soup and to see the small projects happening in Louisville! How awesome!!!! For us, that meant there were a minimum 149 more people we got our vision out to. There was one person in the audience that couldn't stand the odd dollar amount and offered up another $10 right before the winner was announced to make the take and even $1500!!! This means that the winner received $1350. PosSOUPbility holds 10% to cover their costs, but if that is more than needed, they will add it to the amount the next winner receives.

Nick Covault, Organizer
Educational Justice, Winner

Unfortunately for us Educational Justice won, hard to beat out the needs of our kids. But you know what? You will not find any disappointment here!!! What we took from this event is exactly what we wanted. We got to meet so many wonderful people, garner lots of support, and make Louisville aware we are on the road to build another way to assure waste that could end up in the landfill, will have an alternative home, a place teachers, artists and crafters will be able to access inexpensive materials to help keep the arts alive, as well as a source of education on reducing, reusing and recycling! 

Thank you Nick, Beth and all the other volunteers for the wonder thing you are doing with posSOUPbility and the opportunity you are giving all your presenters and the Louisville community. Please check posSOUPbility out on their blog or on Facebook. Their next event is on April 7, 2013. Be sure to mark your calendar!!!!

(Photos all courtesy of posSOUPbility)

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