Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TerraCycle - Outsmart Waste -Good Garbage has brigades

We are a TerraCycle supporter! TerraCycle's purpose is to eliminate the idea of waste. We do this by creating national recycling systems for previously non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste.  Once we are completely set up as a non-profit, we will benefit from the brigades by turning our points into money donations for Good Garbage. Check out for more information on how this works.
Set up an additional recycling container in your home and start collecting the following. Let us know if you do and we will work with you to get your items picked up when your container gets full!
Good Garbage will be a collector for the following brigades:
  • Cell phones - Standard cell phones, smart phones, iPhones
  • Cleaner Packaging - Pumps, triggers, pouches, and flexible cleaner product packaging (no bottles)
  • Colgate Oral Care - Toothpaste tubes, toothpaste caps, tooth brushes, floss containers
  • Dairy Tub - all cream cheese tubs/lids, sour cream tubs/lids, cheese tubs/lids, yogurt tubs/lids, butter tubs/lids, margarine tubs/lids, any other dairy product tub, foil tops, plastic tub tops, and other type of packaging on all dairy tubs.
  • Inkjet - Any inkjet cartridge accepted
  • Personal Care & Beauty - lipstick cases, mascara tubes, eye shadow cases and tubes, shampoo and conditioner bottles, bronzer cases, foundation packaging, body wash containers, soap tubes, soap dispensers, lotion dispensers/bottles/tubes, shaving foam tubes (no cans), powder cases, chap stick tubes, lotion tubes, face soap dispensers, face soap tubes, face lotion bottles and jars, eyeliner cases, eyeliner and lip liner pencils,  concealer tubes and sticks, hair gel tubes, hair paste jars.
  • Toner Cartridge - See this link for types
TerraCycle then converts the collected waste into a wide variety of products and materials. With more than 20 million people collecting waste in over 20 countries TerraCycle has diverted billions of units of waste and used them to create over 1,500 different products available at major retailers ranging from Walmart to Whole Foods Market.
Our goal is to eliminate the idea of waste by creating collection and solution systems for anything that today must be sent to a landfill.

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